July 9, 2013

I'm 24. I'm twennnntyyyfoooooour. that sounds very strange to say. I still feel like such a baby. I guess when you spend the majority of your life wanting to be older, finally arriving at that destination is a little strange. 24 is officially the last year of my early twenties, so basically I have one more year to do something stupid that I can write off as "I was dumb, I did that when I was 24". if you think of any cool ideas to aid me in my early twentysomething rebellion, let me know.

my birthday was hot. like 107 degrees. hot as balls, really. that's not a very ladylike way of putting it but sometimes in that heat where no amount of clothing is comfortable, it's the only way. I spent the day with greg and my family, bbq-ing, beer-sippin, and swimming. my sister olivia made me the cake that my mama used to make on my birthday: angel food with cool whip and an american flag made of fruit. because I'm a firecracker babyyyyyy. yeah, americuh!

the day after my birthday, I went with greg's family up to forest hill for his cousin's wedding. the view was incredible! you could see the peaks of lake tahoe, it was so magical. weddings turn me into a ball of mush. true love and good lighting and free champagne... congrats katie & kevin!

hope you had a fabulous 4th of july!! 
and are staying relatively cool and sane. :)

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Michelle {lovely little things} said...

You're such a youngin' still! Happy Birthday!

Flora Amies said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Molly!!
Your dress is so pretty and your hair is to die for - what I would give for your hair at this exact moment...grrr!!

The wedding looks absolutely stunning - I can't imagine tying the knot with a view like that. How gorgeous.

Flora xx

molly pinto said...

Thanks Michelle! And Flora, you're too much. Just an old fashioned curling iron, gurrrllll ;) maybe I'll do a blog post on it?

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