October 23, 2013

Last weekend was the "end of quarter" party at work, so we celebrated with the amazeballs Tonayense taco truck and a printmaking class at 3 Fish Studios. I had never taken a printmaking class before and it was so much fun! both owners of the studio (hubby & wife team Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin) were wonderful and very patient at teaching 30+ of us how to work the machines. as it turns out, Annie is also the artist behind these "I love you California" prints that I've seen all over the mission and have been lusting after. She was nice enough to show me her studio and some of the pieces she's currently working on. We chatted about our love of Margaret Kilgallen and she her irish accent and well, I like her.

Eric showing us the magic machine that turns basically any piece of paper (a map, old textbook pages) into a sticker. 
What I made. I can't wait to frame and hang it somewhere.

I loved this "look sharp" drawing that hung above the sink in the bathroom. 
Annie's California prints. 

Then on saturday, Conner and Claire came to visit! We went to Val's (again, I know, we have a serious problem) and then hit up a haunted house park. Claire refused to go in any of the houses or wait in line with us, but we still love her. :)

I'm a total baby but I survived all the clowns and smoke and the creepy guy with a skin mask who touched me with his chainsaw. wooooo.

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