October 2, 2013

Happy fall! Things have been pretty quiet around here. I've been mega slacking on the blog front, not for lack of excitement, because BULIEVE me - exciting things are brewing. I just can't go and talk about them on the interwebs just yet. :) Random photos from my phone? I'd thought you'd never ask.

Date night with my red-bearded pirate. we saw Midnight Cowboy and Mary Poppins at the Castro. and we finally got a burger / milkshake session in at Val's. You remember how upset I was about them being on vacation...

Weather in San Francisco has been kinda gross lately. A lot of foggy misty days, which is great (sarcasm) for when you have bangs. 

and for every 7 foggy depressing there-is-no-way-I'm-getting-out-of-bed days, you have a day like this. 

and then you have the official beginning of fall: the return of the pumpkin spice latte. welcome back, my sweet and spicy friend. 

3 reviews:

Michelle said...

I haven't had a pumpkin spice latte yet, maybe that's what I'll do today!

Unknown said...

is your man's shirt from H&M? I think my man has the same one. gingers love H&M.

molly pinto said...

Mayette yes! Haha. That shirt is a fab color on our gingers. and Michelle, do it!! Baby's first PSL! haha.

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