December 13, 2013

So... we're moving to LA!

We went down to apartment hunt last weekend and just signed the lease for this baby. We've been calling it "the bungalow" since we first laid eyes on it on craigslist, and I can't wait to make it all cute and cozy. (by cozy I mean a lot of IKEA furniture because I am still college poor) It has tons of natural light and good vibes. And skylights. And an awesome view of the giant blue monstrosity that is the Scientology building (I'm sure we'll look back fondly at our first apartment and Tom Cruise will have a place in our hearts forever).

This whole move thing has been in my "five year plan" since I can remember (because I'm that annoying person that has a "five year plan" and talks about it). I also kinda hinted at it here. It's always been New York or LA for me, and for Greg too. In fact, when we first started dating, both of us had in the back our minds "I really like this person, but it's gonna suck dropping this I want to move to LA bomb on them." Then we both "broke the news" to the other person and it was like, "oh, you too? thank goodness."...kismet, baby, kis-met.

I'm from LA originally and lived there until I was 15, which means that I never drove in this city and therefore have NO idea where the hell anything is. It is SO big, and so sprawled out and there are so many neighborhoods. I'm looking forward to exploring this city as an adult. I'm not looking forward to the traffic. But I would much rather be stuck in traffic in my own car than stuck in a crowded muni bus with a homeless man masturbating to me. (true story)

So with that being said, San Francisco, it has been majorly real. Thank you for being so many of my firsts. Thank you for fostering the coming of age of yours truly, and giving me the wherewithal to save all my money and have a great job and fall in love with so many amazing people. We'll be driving off with our Uhaul into the sunset on January 11th. Wish us luck. I promise to report back. and I promise to NEVER go blonde.

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Michelle said...

good luck with the move!

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