March 21, 2014

Sometimes life just gets kinda crazy and before you know it you haven't blogged in two months. Mom, apologies. But life has been crazy good. Realllly busy and delicious and good. So good my pants are a wee bit tighter than they were last month, but eating my way through our neighborhood restaurants and baking to my heart's content has been a really wonderful reintroduction to LA. And I mean, finding your go-to pizza, italian and indian food places is IMPORTANT. 

Like I said, baking a lot. I found the only chocolate chip cookie recipe I'll ever need in my life. I'd like to think that I'm baking these for Greg but for realz, I'm just jazzed I have an excuse to bake for myself now. Major live-in-lover perk. That sounds gross. 

Staining legs for our dresser! Most of our apartment is stuff from Ikea, and as much as I would love to shell out the cash for West Elm or DWR, I'm thrifting and Ikea hacking for now. Representing my twentysomething-ness. When I buy my first big piece of furniture that I don't have to assemble myself, I'll feel so legit. Almost as legit as I'll feel when I have an apartment with a parking space. A girl can dream...

Kitchen and dining area, for now anyway. Can't wait to get rid of those college Ikea chairs. Blech. Maybe something more colorful? 

The view from the observatory, which is right up the street from our apartment. I love seeing it all lit up at night. 

In between moving, unpacking, making a billion trips to Target, bopping around on various temp jobs, and getting used to our new "normal" (whatever that is, right?) I'm trying to also take the time to soak in all the exciting stuff too! Living in this city again, where I was born and raised, where so much creative awesome stuff is happening, is so fulfilling to me. How excited and lucky do I feel to be exactly where I am in my life right now? Tickled pink, really. 



March 19, 2014

This is an obligatory I love my sisters so much, aren't they beautiful / gorgeous / amazing, I miss them already post. Three cities and two states are between the three of us so when all Pinto girls are under one roof, the following things happen:

1) Both of our parents text us demanding photographic evidence of the gathering, or was my Dad refers to in texts as "sis pics"
2) Several outfit and hair checks
3) We start talking in that weird sister voice that was also reserved for childhood pets. But I won't get into that. 

Anyway, I miss them already. Come back soon, minis!

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