May 20, 2014

If we were friends in real life I'd be sending you one of those OMG, why don't we hang out more?! texts and you'd be like, ugh, I know! Brunch? and I would be like YES and send you a lot of brunch emojis. We'd catch up over mimosas and hollandaise sauce and sit outside and ogle over other people's dogs on a wednesday afternoon. JK, I work full time, so it'll have to be on a Sunday. 

Work has been really good. I'm contracting at a great company until the end of the summer and it's been wonderful to have (somewhat) steady employment as I try to navigate my way around LA. I know I want to do something creative, but I'm not sure in what capacity (whether it be at an agency, or in casting, or production, etc.) just yet. And I found that moving to LA in pilot season means that people in those jobs are only hiring people with that experience; and I'm totally down to intern, but mama's also got to pay her bills, sooooo...we shall see. 

My dad and his wife had a wine tasting for their joint 60th birthday party and it was so much fun! (My sister and aunt put on this yummy spread at winery #2) Apparently I have been living under a stupid rock because I had it in my head that wine tasting was this crazy expensive thing that only rich people do, when in reality it's SO inexpensive and fun and I feel so classy doing it. Even if I'm only really enjoying the rosé or fruity savignon blanc (with hints of grapefruit and fresh cut grass, sign me up).

This pony was at winery #3 and he had crazy blue eyes. We all had had a few by then and found ourselves buzzed, trying to feed the horse and being like I am so communing with nature right now, this horse and I are making a connection and then the horse had had enough and went inside the barn. It was cool while it lasted, though.

And lastly, a picture of me and my red-bearded fellow because I think he's cute and we're surrounded by greenery and it's kinda magical.

Have a great week! XO

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Anonymous said...

This definitely sounds like such a good week!

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