July 17, 2014

Gregory took me to see Once for my birthday. He sure knows the way to my musical-theater-lovin' heart. The show was really intimate and like nothing I'd ever seen in a musical before. All the actors accompanied themselves on instruments on stage and it was so magical.

Watching that show made me really miss performing. Granted, it's something that I've never had the desire to do professionally in any capacity, but singing and acting and just being around creative people in general is something I've done since I was little. Live theater is such a powerful, intimate, visceral thing; how you can share something with an audience of thousands of people and yet still feel like you're the only one experiencing it. It operates on me like nothing else. I'm just in awe of those actors who are jumping around on stage 8 shows a week, playing their violin or singing their song and interpreting something new out of the material each time.

(This song was one of my favorites)

love you, G. 

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