November 20, 2014

If you go back and read my 13-year-old diary, you'll find...
1) a lot of A Walk to Remember and Gilmore Girls references
2) I feel weird in my body
3) every entry starts with "omgsh, dear diary, so sorry it's been so long but I've been super busy with life" and such. This blog of mine is my internet diary (which obviously isn't for privacy reasons, more just to have it and be able to organize my thoughts). Being able to oddly google myself is a weird perk too, when looking for certain photos of trees from my mom's house, or my old turquoise bedroom in San Francisco.

The other day, Greg was like "it's been a while since you blogged, you should blog." But I honestly haven't felt inspired lately. I've been doing a whole lot of nothing (which admittedly, has been kinda refreshing) since my job ended in September. We moved to LA in January, and I was lucky to find a temp job that turned into a 7 month project. I feel super lucky to have had that stability while in a new-ish city and still trying to navigate my way around here. And when that job ended, I wasn't really sure what my next step was. But thanks to a bit of savings I've been ok, searching for a new job and trying to enjoy my time off while I have it. I'm able to go for walks in the morning, and go the grocery story during the week at non-peak hours (quite the luxury) and spend a lot of time with Greg, in between his school and work schedules. This is the first time I've ever not had a full time job, so every day I range between freaking out and finding things to do (knit? netflix? craft?) and trying to soak up my hiatus in the meantime.

Long winded point, I'm back yo. For realsies.

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Trina said...

You betta be back, guuurrrllll.

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