December 27, 2014

I was lucky to spend this Christmas with my mom and youngest sister, Chloe, on Bainbridge Island this year. We stayed in our jammies, sat by the fire, and watched a lot of really cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, per my mom's request. Here is a faithful representation of a Beauty & the Beast - themed movie starring Haylie Duff, likely highly embellished, but also very accurate:


Haylie: I'm sorry, I just thought that - 

Beast: No IM sorry. I just haven't been in here since my fiancee died...and she loved books so it like, hurts, you know?

Haylie: Wow, I had no idea...I'm soooo sorry. I've been hurt too. My mom died when I was a little girl and every Christmas I remember her reading books to me, and then dying. 

Festive, right?

We got to puppy-sit Chloe's boyfriend's family's Corgi puppy, Sam. Or as he was called over the next few days, Sammy, Samson, Sam Wise, Samsonite, Lovebutt. 

He's a little ornament!! can't. handle. it. 

My mom loves really sparse Christmas trees and we ended up cutting this one down literally the day before Christmas Eve. We had this grand idea of doing a photo shoot while we pick out a tree, cut it down etc., but it ended up being this ridiculous hunt for a tree because everything on the island closes at 5. We drove around for 2 hours in the pouring rain (hi, PNW, I'm waving at you!) and tree farm after tree farm was either closed or sold out. Finally, we found a farm that was open and it had about 5 trees left, ours being one of them. Chloe and I ended up cutting our tree down and strapping it onto the car in the pouring rain as the woman who claimed she was "only the cashier" looked on. 

Chloe, Sam, and her boyfriend, Cameron. I think she's happy in this photo? Not sure?

And on a final note, heart butt. love butt. Merry Christmas, friends.

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