February 25, 2015

This is Clara. We adopted her from the Burbank Animal Shelter last week after many months of the great cat debate. We woke up on a Wednesday and I was like "Today. We're getting our cat today." She was a stray kitten who was brought into the shelter when she was a month old. The picture on her file shows her when they captured her and she looks so little and so scared; it broke my heart. They had her in a socialization program at the shelter to help get her more comfortable with humans, and she "graduated" (the most adorable ceremony ever?) the day we went in to look for a cat. We were told that she was very shy and would need a lot of patience and socializing. Cut to a week later and she is so sweet and cuddly.

A few fun facts:

Clara loves car rides, being brushed, sitting on the couch and watching TV with you (during the hours of 5-9pm Pacific Standard Time). She is slowly learning that the can opener means food, and every day she is more excited for breakfast than the last. She was so popular at the vet's office because she let everyone hold her and was very chill and didn't bat an eyelash (which are very long and grey) when they clipped her nails. Her favorite toys are her mouse and her catnip french toast. She loves to sit in the window sill and is starting to embrace morning cuddles. We're still working on her pouncing on our feet while we sleep.  Sometimes she looks up at me and stretches her paw out really gently to touch my cheek and I swear she is half human.


February 9, 2015

I spent some time housesitting for Greg's family in Santa Barbara and Daisy was a cute and fluffy perk. I was there for a glorious week and got to take morning walks down to the beach, instead of my normal route at that part of Vermont that meets Sunset, sprinkled with homeless people and Scientologists shoving pamphlets in my hands, so this was a welcome change of pace. ;)

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