April 1, 2017

My friend Anna has a birthday tradition of doing a girls weekend in Palm Springs. It's something we all look forward to every year, in particular because it's in end of Feb / early March and we're all usually VERY over winter weather around that time.

We mostly people watch (which has gotten more interesting as the years go by), lounge by the pool, and drink fruity blended cocktails with fun names. Above on the left I'm drinking an "Electric Slide", sadly no longer on the menu, RIP. 

We've also taken to bringing a polaroid camera, which always gets some fun, truly candid shots. Those ones always end up being my favorites because we can't take 10 of the same pose, agonize over which one to pick, edit, etc....it's just in the moment. Just ya know like LIVING IN THE MOMENT YOU GUYS.

Why is room service so luxurious? The best coffee and avocado toast. No, this isn't a sponsored post. Although totally open to it, Ace Hotel. Call me.

One tradition that we try to uphold every year is taking a group photo in the lobby. The photos vary depending on the skill level of the lovely people at the front desk. Here are alllll three!


Until next year! Special thanks to the very handsome stranger who took 5 version of this group pool photo.

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